Color Coded Sheet Music for Guitar Chords

Use our Guitar Chord Generator to help you better understand chord diagrams. Practice strumming the chords so they sound clear with no string buzz or "slapping" of the strings against the fretboard. In the beginning, strive to emphasize beats one and three for the "beginner" songs. Take time to understand how tempo and rhythm are incorporated into a song. Consult a qualified instructor or the internet for more information about tempo and rhythm. All the songs presented here are in "three four" time. That means three beats to a measure. Visit our Guitar Classroom page for more on time signatures, how to play music and guitar practice tips.

Color coded sheet music of Amazing Grace for guitar chords

Even though this song is written in 3/4 time, try strumming two strums (two strums equaling a time value of three beats) per measure at first.

Color coded sheet music of House of the Rising Sun for guitar chords

Color coded sheet music of Time Is On My Side for guitar chords

Color coded sheet music of Scarborough Fair for guitar chords