Free Online Guitar Tuner

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Easily tune your guitar. First, turn on your computer’s speakers and set them to a volume at which you can comfortably hear both the tuner and your guitar.
Next, click the string or tuning peg on the guitar tuner that corresponds to the string you wish to tune. The correct tone will play and repeat itself until you click “Stop sounds”. Adjust the pitch of the corresponding string on your guitar using the tuning peg until it matches the tone played by the guitar tuner. Click “Stop sounds” to stop the tone and then repeat the process for the rest of the strings.

Our free online guitar tuner is provided by Don't Fret Productions™ for those guitar players who are new to tuning a guitar, or anyone else that needs a tune-up. Enjoy!
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How to use the Free Online Guitar Tuner

Our free online guitar tuner is a great tool to help you learn how to tune a guitar. Tuning your guitar is one of the most important things for a beginning guitar player to learn and is the first step to successful guitar playing. If your guitar is properly tuned you will always sound better. Your online guitar lessons will sound great with a tuned guitar.

Tuning your guitar is a process that takes time to learn, but gets easier with practice. You have to develop an "ear" for the right tone. If you play a chord, and it just doesn't sound quite right, you may have one or more strings out of tune, and you need to "tune up". You will soon become familiar with the tone of what "sharp" and "flat" sound like, in addition to what "in tune" sounds like. Soon you will know how to tune a guitar by ear.

Using our interactive online guitar tuner, properly tune your guitar. Your guitar strings should be tuned to the following notes (low to high pitch) E, A, D, G, B, E . This is called standard tuning. Sometimes the strings are numbered, from bass to treble, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and 1. For Bass guitar the tuning is E, A, D, G thickest (4) string to thinnest (1) string. There are many other possible tunings, but for the beginner, standard tuning is the best way to tune your guitar or Bass guitar.

To use the free online guitar tuner: Turn up your computer speakers and click a note on the free online guitar tuner below to play a tone. Start by clicking on the left tuning peg, or top string on the fret board, of the tuner (low E). Pluck your 6th (lowest in tone/ thickest) string on your guitar. Adjust the string pitch by turning the corresponding tuning peg until the pitch matches the tone played by the tuner, then click "Stop sounds" to stop the tone. Next, click the A note (fifth string). Adjust the tuning peg for the 5th string until it sounds the same as the A note on the tuner. Repeat this procedure with the rest of the strings. That's how easy it is to use the online internet guitar tuner. Special Note: Some people can actually hear/feel the lack of a sound wave vibration that the "in tune" string makes. They know the individual string is in tune when they can't hear/feel the vibration (or oscillation, for the scientific minded) anymore. The wave sine is said to be flat. Some folks use combinations of both techniques!

For Bass Guitar Tuning: apply the above process to the E (4)string, A (3) string, D (2) string and G (1) string using the Bass guitar tuner.

As an exercise to 'train' your ear to be able to tune your guitar more quickly and easily, after tuning, play around with the tuning on one string. Play a note, and raise the pitch slightly and listen to what "sharp" sounds like. Then lower the pitch back to 'in tune' to hear what the correct note sounds like (feel free to reference the tuner to double-check!). Now, lower the pitch and listen to what "flat" sounds like. Practice this technique on each string. This will help you learn to tune your guitar by ear. Remember to re-tune your guitar at the end of the exercise using our Free Online Guitar Tuner.

Don't forget to bookmark this page or download this free guitar tuner or the Bass guitar tuner to your hard drive so you can use it any time! The notes this guitar tuner plays were recorded from Nick's 1984 Fender Stratocaster® which was tuned to perfect A=440 tuning.

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