The Don't Fret Note Map™ and the Don't Fret Note Map for Bass Guitar™ have helped thousands of people overcome NPAS (Novice Player Anxiety Syndrome). If you've always wanted to play guitar here's your opportunity. Below is a typical sampling of the feedback we routinely receive about our unique products.

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Hey Nick,
What a super idea! You have solved the problem that has plagued guitar players for centuries. And that is: Where are the notes on this thing? Your note map makes it so easy to figure out exactly where the notes are. Bravo. I just noticed your “new and improved” guitar scales section. I have always had a problem with memorizing the patterns and the notes. Again, you hit the bullseye on this one. The new color coded guitar tab is fantastic. The diagrams are spectacular. Easy to read, easy to understand and easy to translate to the guitar neck. You’ve proved to me that an old dog can learn new tricks.
Thanks again for a brilliant idea,
Tommy Unger

Dear Nick,

I would like to thank you again for taking time to answer my questions prior to ordering your Don’t Fret Note Map. Your company’s customer service is exemplary. The ordering process was easy and painless. I was pleasantly surprised by how fast I received my order. My guitar playing has already improved. I find it more fun to play now that I can see where the notes are. The color coding method for sheet music has helped my music reading skills tremendously.

A devoted Note Mapper,
Cheryl Barry

Hey Nick,

Nice idea you had with this. Easy to apply to any guitar and easy to remove and transfer to another guitar. I also bought one and gave it to a friend. He just called to tell me how much it has help him to learn the notes, and he knows that will make him a better player. Also thanks for the quick turn around.

Jim Hayes
Richmond Hill, Georgia

Hi Nick,

Thanks for your personal attention and great service!!! I bought one map previously to try it out----It is FANTASTIC. I am using the 16 maps I ordered for my students at Kilmer Elementary School (in Monument, CO) for their guitar lab (this is a new job for me).  I love the Chord Maps as well!!! I am using your maps every day and they are truly ingenious and a great way to keep students from feeling overwhelmed during the initial stages of guitar study.

Thanks for all your help!!!!
Diane Jense

What a great idea!

Jane Pauley
The Jane Pauley Show, NBC

If you're interested in the guitar, this is a really incredible invention. What a great idea!

Steve & DC Radio Show
St Louis, MO.

This is the simplest, most efficient way to learn the notes and chords on the guitar. This product is great because I can keep my hands on the guitar, not flipping though pages of confusing chord diagram books, or clicking prompts on my computer screen.  This is a sharp system for anyone interested in learning to play the guitar in no time flat.

Lee Orthmann

I just ordered a couple of things from you to help me learn, but I really like all the free help that you give out on your web site. I think that's really great and very nice of you to do for people. It has already helped me a lot! I just wanted to tell you guys that.

Thanks a bunch!
Jerry McDonald

I am still giving these away as gifts. Your product is everything it is advertised to be. It taught me the finger positions of what the guitar players are playing, so that I know what relative chord to play on my other instruments when we are jamming. I am living proof you can teach an old dog new tricks, I am 70 this year! Thank you.

Delores Oldham

I was sure my guitar playing days were over (even though they never really began) until I came across your site. After careful consideration I purchased and actually used your Note Map. It gave me the understanding of the fretboard that I was never able to get from a picture or diagram in a book. I can now play several of my favorite songs. I'm not quite ready for the stage yet, but I can sure have fun with them.

Allan Miller

Wow, this has taught me so much! I can actually read music now! Thank you so much!

Rachael Petrokov

Extremely helpful in my aspiration with learning to play guitar.

Amanda Billington

I can finally SEE where the notes are on my Bass. You delivered what you said you would. Thanks for your help.

Sean Allen
Eugene, OR

I am an experienced guitarist, but I have gotten SO much from your chord and note map. Thank you for such a great product.

Chris Romano

This will definitely help a beginning student who wants to learn to read music. This is definitely a program for reading music. It's so simple, they've put the notes right there on the guitar. You can't miss!

Jim Mano
Guitar Teacher
St Louis, MO.

I'm a guitar teacher here in LA and I buy a note map and chord map for every one of my students. I find the time it takes to learn to read music and locate the notes on the fretboard is so much faster with your products.

Juan Di Ablitos

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